jueves, 3 de abril de 2008

A short description in English

El poder de la convocatòria was to gather the letters forming the phrase "AQUESTA HA ESTAT LA CAPACITAT DE CONVOCATÒRIA DEL PROJECTE QUE ESTÀS VEIENT" (THIS HAS BEEN THE CALL ABILITY OF THE PROJECT THAT YOU ARE WATCHING). Each letter was randomly sent to a person whose surnames begin by that. Each package was accompanied by a letter explaining the reason of the posting and inviting each participant to bring his/her letter to the Muncunill Hall on Jan 25th and 26th. It diddn't explain the intention ofthe project, but stressed the importance of their involvement, as well as the possibility of donating his/her package to another person in case he/she cuold not come to the appointment.

Twenty-five participants attended to deposit their letter. I interviewed each one to know their motives for attentindg to the convocation, his/her hobbies, his/her cultural concerns and what his/her job. The talk was recorded (with permission) and later transcribed into a small book. These were sampled on another shelf.
I as well called the not attending participants fo finding out the reasons for not attending the convocation. These calls were transcribed and added to the room, too.

The end result of the work are the interviews, which are available at the website of the project. And later in an edition, too.

Fifty letters arrived at their target and fourteen were returned.

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